The Committee

The Meanwood Institute is managed by an Executive Committee of members, elected at an Annual General Meeting in May of each year. Up to 12 members may be elected onto the Executive Committee and up to a further 3 may be co-opted. A Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are appointed from the committee.

The current members of the committee are:

Chairman: Bryn Evans

Secretary: Peter Smithson

Treasurer: Ian Jackson

Other members: Roy Tulloch

     James Allen

     Peter Bewell

     Jackie Brewer

     Mary Clarke

     Theresa Metcalfe

    Keith Slaney

     Jamie Chapman

     Emma Rogoz

     Trevor Gadsby

     Corrina Sheard

     Mike Flavell

In addition there are 4 Trustees, these currently being Bryn Evans, Roy Tulloch, Emma Rogoz and Peter Smithson .